We don't simply apply the products that your landscape needs to be lush and healthy, we continually assist you with problems or questions you may have about your landscape. With these designed programs you will immediately have access to 20+ years of local experience. In most case we can be out the same day you call to provide a free service call. If there is a service that we don't provide we can refer you to one of our preferred local vendors that you can count on for the same level of quality service that we provide at Greencare.

Lawn Care Program

Watch your lawn transform into the showplace you have always dreamed of. Our specially designed program consists of 6 applications spaced about 5 to 6 weeks apart. The applications include fertilization, broad leaf weed control, crabgrass control and even bill bug control. This program was developed through many years of experience with local conditions and pest problems. We are confident you will be impressed with the results.

Tree Care Program

Watch your trees and shrubs blossom and grow with our 4 properly timed applications that we provide throughout the growing season. These applications consist of dormant oil, foliar insect control, and deep root feeding. We can also provide systemic root injections for borers and iron applications to bring back a healthy color to your trees and shrubs.

Spider Barrier Services

Keep the bugs at bay with our special application around the foundation and eves of your home. This effective treatment stops small insects, spiders, earwigs, and ants from invading your living space. Our application lasts for up to 6-weeks.

Weed Control Services

We provide weed control in some unique settings, such as shrub beds to control annual weeds that choke out your ornamentals and weed control for gravel driveways to keep weeds out for the entire season.

Commercial Services

Greencare provides full service commercial lawn and tree care for HOA common areas, parks and businesses. We are invested in special equipment that is designed to do large areas thoroughly and efficiently so we can pass the savings on to our customers. We will be happy to provide you with a bid and references for the maintenance of your property.

Contact us to revitalize your yard with personalized lawn care services.

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